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The Governor General

The fifteenth of August 1947.The shackles of India's political slavery were at lasting broken. The country became independent. The determined fight under leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and Nehru forced the British to quit India. For a few months, Lord Mountbatten was the last British Governor General. He was to return to England in June 1948.

An Indian had to take over as the Governor General.

'The Post of the Governor General of free India is really a very high one. Who can worthily fill it? This was the question every where. All eyes turned to Rajaji. Rajaji became free India's first Indian Governor General.

He held the reins of administration for some twenty months and proclaimed India
a Republic on January 26, 1950.

Rajaji was a great patriot, an unequalled statesman, a great social reformer, an
able administrator, a popular writer, freedom fighter, an intimate associate of
Mahatma Gandhi, one of the makers of modern India, a great leader of the Gandhian era and the founder of the Swatantra Party.

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