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After secret communications with leaders like Veer Savarkar and Rashbehari Bose, on January 17, 1941 Netaji escaped from his home detention in Calcutta. After this historic near impossible escape from the British police and intelligence, he crossed Indian Border by foot in Afghan dress and reached Berlin via Kabul and Moscow. In Germany he recruited 3000 Indian War Prisoners to form one regiment of the Indian National Army. In March 1942 Rasbehari Bose formed Azad Hind Fauz or Indian National Army in Tokyo. In June 1943 Netaji arrived in Tokyo via submarine, and INA was handed over to him by Rasbehari Bose. Netaji Thundered: Give me blood, Ill give you freedom.



Major Sections
Freedom Movement Of India
Vande mataram  Establishment of the British Raj
Great War of Independence- 1857  First war to Congress (1857-1891)
Role of Vivekananda  Early Congress-1893 - 1918
Jalianwalabag  Khilafat
Dr. Hedgewar  The revolutionaries
Netaji -1 Congress - 2 
Netaji - 2  Pre-partition 

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