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Prophetically he saw the future and demanded his countrymen to come forward to work for the nation saying that: "For the next fifty years this alone should be our keynote - this, our great Mother India. ... This is the only God that is awake.....". The next decades were to follow with the birth of dozens of great freedom fighters. In exactly 50 years, India became free of British occupation. Netaji Subhas Bose said: "Swami Vivekananda may be regarded as the spiritual father of the modern nationalist movement." Pandit Nehru said: Rooted in the past and full of pride in India's heritage, Vivekananda was yet modern in his approach to life's problems and was a kind of bridge between the past of India and her present. Directly or indirectly, he has powerfully influenced the India today." After the passing of Swami Vivekananda, Sister Nivedita announced: "Swamiji is verily our national hero, my role is to awaken the nation." She encouraged and assisted revolutionaries by providing shelter and funds and throughout her life she tried to make India independent culturally, economically and politically.



Major Sections
Freedom Movement Of India
Vande mataram  Establishment of the British Raj
Great War of Independence- 1857  First war to Congress (1857-1891)
Role of Vivekananda  Early Congress-1893 - 1918
Jalianwalabag  Khilafat
Dr. Hedgewar  The revolutionaries
Netaji -1 Congress - 2 
Netaji - 2  Pre-partition 

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