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Vande mataram


Sujalam sufalam shashya shyamalam: The land of Bharat, called India by many, is one of the most ancient yet living civilizations on earth. Throughout the ages Bharat has immensely contributed to many disciplines of science, mathematics and philosophy for the betterment of human life. With her enormous wealth and resources India has also been a target of foreign invasions. India has been one nation from time immemorial. In the great epic Mahabharat Indias cultural unity is vividly painted. India has been fighting foreign invasions and domination from the dawn of her history and her fight for freedom still goes on. This presentation will cover Indias struggle for freedom, starting from the early 1700's.



Major Sections
Freedom Movement Of India
Vande mataram  Establishment of the British Raj
Great War of Independence- 1857  First war to Congress (1857-1891)
Role of Vivekananda  Early Congress-1893 - 1918
Jalianwalabag  Khilafat
Dr. Hedgewar  The revolutionaries
Netaji -1 Congress - 2 
Netaji - 2  Pre-partition 

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