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His God and His Religion

Raman would not speak much about God and religion. Science was his God and work his religion. He believed that new discoveries confirm the existence of God; if there is God we have to find Him in this universe.

A journalist once asked him, "What do you feel about the long and eventful period of
your scientific work and achievements?" Raman replied promptly, "I have no time to
think of the past and I am not inclined to do so. I spend my life as a scientist. My work
gives me satisfaction."

As he was completing his 82 year Raman organized a weeklong conference of the
members of the Academy in September 1970. On that occasion he invited young
scientists to present papers on different subjects.

Every year he used to deliver a popular science lecture on the Gandhi Jayanthi Day. In 1970, he spoke on the new theories about hearing and the eardrum. This was his last lecture.

A few days before his 83 birthday Raman suffered a mild heart attack. But there was
quick recovery. He never dreamt of a life without work. He had told his doctor, "I wish to live a hundred- per-cent active and fruitful life."

Raman, a seeker of truth throughout his life, passed away on the 21st of November 1970.

Radhakrishnan, his younger son, became the Director of the Raman Research Institute.

Without much encouragement, Raman had entered the field of science in his early years. Deeply attracted by the secrets of sound and light, he marched ahead in the world of science. By his achievements and self-respect he earned a honored place for India in the world of science. He laid the foundations of a scientific tradition in India by building up institutes for research, by publishing science journals and by encouraging young scientists. Truly he was the 'Grand Old Man of Indian Science'.

Raman possessed the curiosity of a little boy to know new things, and the intuition of a great genius in understanding the secrets of Nature. The life of this great scientist was truly the life of a great seer.

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