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The True Research Student

Raman was studious. He kept in touch with the latest developments in science in the
world around him. He had personal contact with many scientists. He used to read new
books and research papers from different centres. On one occasion he was addressing the students of Presidency College, Madras. Like an elder brother he told them, "How much can you learn in an hour's lecture? Spend more time in the library." Studying and experimenting, he remained a student throughout his life.

"The equipment which brought me the Nobel Prize did not cost more than three hundred rupees. A table drawer can hold all my research equipment’s," he used to say with pride. It was his conviction that if the research worker is not inspired from within an amount of money can bring success in research.

He hoped that scientists of free India would win worldwide fame by their discoveries. "If there are no facilities here, what is wrong with their going abroad and spreading the fame of India? Did not the workers of the East India Company come and rule India?" he used to say.

Raman was not conservative in his outlook. He used to spell out his opinions boldly., When he was called 'India's illustrious scientist' he would correct the description with humility: "I am just a man of science." When scientists were criticized he would retort with confidence that they were the salt of the earth.

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