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Judging Talent

Raman had his own method of judging the merit of a student. Once he set a question
concerning the vibrations of theMridangam at the Post-Graduate Examination of the
Allahabad University. This was different from the other questions based on textbooks. Only one student answered it and he had spent all the allotted time on this one answer. Raman was pleased with his talent and personally congratulated him.

Once a candidate attended an interview for a research post in the Tata Institute. He had passed in the first class. He was asked, "Are there any scientific problems you would like to work on?" There was no satisfactory answer. Physically also the candidate was weak. Raman advised him, "Research is strange work. Success in it brings limit less joy whereas failure pushes one to deep despair. Joy and despair - both require bodily strength. You should first improve your bodily strength through sports and exercises."

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