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'Use a 10-Kilowatt Brain'

Whenever students showed new results, Raman was delighted. He would guide them to do further work. If they appeared to be depressed he would inspire them to fresh efforts.

A student was once experimenting with an X-ray tube of one-kilowatt power. He learnt
that a scientist in England was experi- menting on the same problem with a five-kilowatt X-ray tube, and grew depressed. When Raman, who was on his rounds, came to know of this, he said with a smile, "There is a very simple solution; use a 1 0-kilowatt brain on the problem."

Raman possessed supreme self- confidence and he generated -it in his students also.

Raman used to enquire about his students even after they left his Institute. If they had
any difficulty he would help them as best he could.

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