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The Kaurava and pandava princes were then young boy One day, while they were playing, their ball fell into a well. However much they tried they could not recover it and were looking for help. Near-by an impressive - looking, dark complexioned brahmin was standing. The boys went to him for help. Upon listening to their request, he took out a sheaf of dry grass cuttings (used in worship), consecrated it with holy prayers and threw one piece at the ball-, following it he sent down several grass leaves all of which were now attached to the ball forming a straight line leading to the top of the well. He pulled at it and drew the ball out! The boys were surprised at this 'magic' and queried:

'0 distinguished brahmin, what is your name? Where did you come from?'

Dronacharya : 'Go and narrate what you saw to Bhishmacharya, your grandfather, and you will know everything.'

The boys ran to Bhishma and excitedly told him about the brahmin's feat. At that time, Bhishma was thinking about equipping the princes in archery with thorough training, as they had to look after the kingdom when they grew up and protect it from enemies. He was on the lookout for a suitable tutor for the boys. He had heard about Dronacharya, son of the sage Bharadwaja and disciple of Parashurama, as a master archer. The enthusiastic narrative of the princes convinced him that the brahmin they had seen must have been none other than Drona. He immediately went to Drona and offered honors requesting him to stay in the capital and be the princes' master. Drona agreed and set up his residence in Hastinavati.

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Ekalavya - He worshipped an idol of his 'Guru' and mastered archery and presented his thumb as fee to him.
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The Brave Jungle-Boy
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Two Disciples

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