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"I Will Dethrone You"

Chanakya went from Takshashila to Pataliputra, which was famous as a center of learning and was known to honor scholars. Pataliputra sheltered scholars who were intellectual giants in different branches to knowledge. Chanakya went

They to get recognition for his scholarship. One of the Nandas by name Dhanananda was the king there at that time. He was very avaricious. He was never satisfied with the amounts of money he received, never content with the number of taxes to collect money. People were complaining that there was tax on hides, tax on wood and tax even on stone. No one knew how much wealth Dhanananda himself had amassed. It was believed that he had buried all his wealth under a boulder in the bed of the river Ganga.

By the time Chanakya came to Pataliputra, there was a change even in Dhanananda. He was giving gifts also. He had formed a trust or committee to administer his gift and. charities. A great scholar would be the president of the trust. Even the other members of the trust would be well-known scholars. It is said that the president had powers to make gifts up to ten million gold coins. The juniormost member of the trust would make gifts up to one-lake gold coins.

Chanakya possessed an extraordinary scholarship. The scholars of Pataliputra recognized his genius and honored him. Chanakya became the president of the 'Sangha' (Trust).

The work of the Sangha was to administer the king's grants and charities. Therefore the president of the Sangha had to meet the king often.

When the president of the Sangha met the king for the first time, the king felt disgusted at the ugliness of Chanakya. He developed contempt towards Chanakya. There was no refinement in the words and conduct of Chanakya. He always spoke bluntly and straight. He was, besides, filled with intense egotism.

The king had been receiving only praise and obedience from all. So he did not like the ways of the new president. He removed Chanakya from thepresidentship.

Chanakya was very angry. He had not committed any mistake. All other scholars had accepted that his scholarship was extraordinary.

In his anger Chanakya erupted like volcano and told the king:

"Your position has made you arrogant. You have removed me from presidentship for no fault of mine. You think that there is none to question you, whatever injustice you commit and however you behave. You have removed me from my rightful place, and I shall also dethrone you."

The King of course would not keep quiet hearing such words. He was also very angry. He ordered that Chanakya be arrested.

Chanakya disguised himself as a sanyasi -a monk - and fled from the capital.

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