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Ravana's Brother

Vibheeshana was the younger brother of Ravana, the King of Lanka. Ravana had another younger brother also, by name Kumbhakarna, and a younger sister called Shoorpanakha. Their father was Vishravas, and mother Kaikasi. Vishravas had also a first wife who bore him a son by name Vaishravana, also called Kubera, who performed long and arduous austerities and meditation, to propitiate Lord Brahma, the creator. By His boon, Kubera became of the 'Lokapalakas', the deities who over the eight cardinal directions and protect the world; he also secured a ‘Vimana’
(aeroplane) which was called ‘Pushpaka’. He was the king of Rakshasas developed Lanka into a prosperous kingdom.

But Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Shoorpa- nakha grew into evil persons. Their mother Kaikasi, pained thereby, spoke of her anguish to her husband. He consoled her saying, "Do not weep. You will get a us son who will bring a good name to our family." The son born after that was Vibheeshana.

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