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Mother of the Universe

Lakshmi's greatness has been well- expressed in books like Vishnupurana. She, the wife of Vishnu, is herself representative of Vishnu's power.Excellent articles and valuable things are said to be the abode of Lakshmi and Narayana.

Devendra praised Lakshmi thus:

"0 Goddess, we bow to you, Mother of the Universe. You are the means for the fulfillment of all work. You purify the universe. Wealth and intelligence are bestowed by you, You are also Sarswati the embodiment of all knowledge. You are the self- education,which results in salvation. 0 Mahadevi, wife, children, house, friend, money and corn are all acquired by disciples by a glance from you. 0 Mother, you and your husband Narayana have encompassed the world. People have health of body and happiness by your kindness. You are the mother of the univere, Vishnu is the father. 0 goddess, bereft of your kindness, people will lose strength, cleanliness, virtue and the good characteristics. All these are obtained by your grace. Mother, never abandon us."

Then Lakshmi said: "Indra, I am pleased at your devotion. Seek any boon you desire." Said Indra: "Goddess, if I have deserved your kindness, do not go away abandoning me. Apart from that, bless those who recite devotedly every day the prayer I just recited." Lakshmidevi said, "Be it so," and disappeared. The prayer recited by Indra is contained in the sea-churning story of Vishnupurana.

Lakshmi's influence covers manybranches of knowledge. Speech, morality, wisdom, satisfaction, music, religious offering, brilliance, wealth, strength, creation, river, cattle - all these have their source inLakshmi. The legends state that all women of the world are forms of Lakshmi. At the time of marriage, our people honor the bride and the bridegroom as having the appearance of Lakshmi-Narayana.

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