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Patel's Example Lives

Once the engine of the airplane in which he was travelling failed, and the vehicle had to make a forced landing on the bank of a river at a distance of about thirty miles from Jaipur. The Delhi Airport had lost all contact with the airplane. For about four hours Delhi did not know what had happened. But luckily the Sardar was safe.

Two days later the Sardar entered the Lok Sabha. Forgetting all rules the members greeted him with cries of 'Sardar Patel Jindabad'.

The Speaker congratulated the Sardar who was unhurt and said, "The misery and the anxiety of the entire nation until news came that he was safe show what a place he has won in the hearts of the people."

Eight days later the members ofParliament got up a function to felicitate him.

Even in his old age the Sardar was sobusy that he did not have a moment's rest. He had to tour extensively all over the country this affected his health. He passed away in Bombay on the morning of the 15th of December 1950. The General of Bardoli, the Lion of Gujarat, India's Man of Steel, the Sardar of the country's fight for freedom, the Mighty Architect of the integrity of India, the Vallabhbhai Patel of rock-like will power, was no more.

He was then seventy-five.

Prime Minister Nehru said, "His name will live for ever in history. He is the Architect of. Modern India. He was a wise counselor in the hour of trial, a trustworthy friend and a mine of courage and inspiration."

Patel was known as the Man of Steel. But tenderness was very much alive in the steel of his nature. He looked after not only Gandhiji but also other friends like Kania Lal Munshi with the affection of a mother, when they were all in prison. He did not believe in making speeches. He was a man of very few words. He accepted with a calm mind whatever life brought him- happiness or sorrow. Pain and sorrow could not alter a single line of his face. When necessary he could be dominating; but by nature he was very courteous. After the Bardoli Satyagraha he became famous all over India. When he went to attend the Congress Session he forgot to take his pass with him. The volunteers stopped him. He went back. Next day thevolunteers understood who he was, and were ashamed. But Patel was not at all displeased.

It is a hundred years since this hero, the Sardar, was born. Let us remember him with reverence and bow to him. Let us emulate his admirable qualities.

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