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Economic Indicators  


Growth of exports

28.8 per cent in 1995-96  

Power generation  

414.1 billion kilo-watt hour in 1995-96  

Coal production  

270 million tonnes in 1995-96  

Crude oil production  

35.2 million tonnes in 1995-96  

Railway passenger traffic  

3,915 million in 1994-95  

Railway freight traffic  


382 million tonnes in 1994-95  

Total road length  

2.04 million km in 1995  

Telephone connections  

10.5 million in 1994-95  

Iron ore export  

26.0 million tonnes in 1994-95  

Exports of electronics, computer software

Rs 24,340 million in 1994-95  

Exports of decentralised cotton cloth  

949 million sq. meters in 1994-95  

Foodgrains production  

191.1 million tonnes in 1994-95  

Sugarcane production  

258.4 million tonnes in 1994-95  

Cotton production

12.1 million bales in 1994-95  

Oil seed production  

21.4 million tonnes in 1994-95  

Cement production  

62.4 million tonnes in 1994-95  

Nitrogenous fertilizer production  

7.95 million tonnes in 1994-95  

Nuclear energy generation  


8 billion kilo-watt hour in 1994-95

Adopted from the Govt. of India Web Site (http://www.meadev.gov.in)

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