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[Image Caption: 1971 India-Pakistan War]

[Image Caption: Tribune Frontpage Saying Pakistani Army Commander Ready to Surrender]

The 1971 India-Pakistan War

On the 3rd of December 1971, the Pakistani Air Force (PAF) struck a number of Indian airfields in northern India. By midnight, India was officially at war with Pakistan. Two weeks later, the war was over. The Indian Army had overrun erstwhile East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and taken 93,000 POWs. It was one of the swiftest military campaigns in recent history...

For a journey through history, click on as we bring you a new episode every week on a different aspect of the war that led to the creation of a new nation: Bangladesh.

Part One: Origins of the Conflict

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Indian tank moving towards DhakaFeaturing exclusive archival photographs of the 1971 War
Lt. Gen. Z.C.Bakshi (Retd.)Interviews with Indian military officers who actually took part in the War.
Note: This material is not in the public domain and may not be copied or re-used in any manner. Archival material courtesy: Director Public Relations, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, South Block, New Delhi, India.
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